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Step 1. Please, read the Academy Bylaws. You can join the Academy as a Candidate Member. The annual fee is € 300,00

Step 2. Please, fill in and send the application form.

Candidate membership

The candidate members of the Academy shall have the following requirements:

  1. They shall have a recognized scientific degree or diploma
  2. They shall give two presentations within 5 years. Failure to comply leads to termination of candidate membership
  3. They shall regularly attend the meetings of the Academy in order to maintain candidate membership in the Academy
  4. They shall be willing to work within the Academy objectives (guidelines) to promote the best interest of the Academy

Procedure for nomination of candidate member
If a person is to be made a candidate member, his/her name must be proposed to the Secretary of the Academy by the national representative at least three months prior to the Annual Council Meeting. The nomination must include:

  1. A letter of recommendation on behalf of the candidate by two members in good standing as sponsors
  2. A completed membership application form

Application form

- year
- year
- year

(.jpg - Max 400 KB)

** NOTE: Two separate letters (emails) of recommendation on behalf of the candidate must be produced to National Representative and to Secretary by two Full members, Life-members or Honorary Members of EACD in good standing as sponsors; the National Representative can be one of them

* mandatory field