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Position papers

Consensus “Posture and Occlusion: Evidence or Correlation Hypothesis”

Milan, May 10th 1997


At the present, there is no scientific evidence to support a correlation between occlusal and postural problems from either a functional or morphological view.

Therefore, there is even less evidence for a cause-effect relationship.

This does not exclude the opportunity to study with a rigorous and meticolous scientific protocol the problem of the relationship between occlusion and posture, both in healty subjects and in patients.


In the light of the objective, scientific knowledge, reversible or irreversible occlusal therapies are not justified for the treatment of postural problems.

Conversely, physical and rehabilitative therapies are also not justified for the treatment of occlusal problems.


It is therefore appropriate to direct research specifically towards the study of the correlations between occlusion and posture rather than towards the study of the singol aspects.

It is necessary to search for clinically relevant effects through correct research protocols that apply sustained changes.